Want to Argue about Politics More Effectively? Learn Risk Analysis 101


For those of us who work professionally in risk management, it’s striking how many of the controversies surrounding the Trump administration are essentially controversies about risks. That means that if you want to argue more effectively (and intelligently) about many of these controversies, you need to know some basics from the discipline known as risk analysis. The good news is that the basic concepts are very easy to learn.

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Bruce Schneier on How the Media Influences Our Fear of Terrorism


Bruce Schneier is somewhat of an intellectual celebrity on all matters relating to security, especially information security.Although he doesn’t cite the work of Peter Sandman, what he writes about the psychology of security & risk is consistent with what Sandman says.

He posted the following article to his site one week ago. If you’re interested in terrorism-related risk, you’ll want to check this out. It’s a short read.