Chuck Todd on President Trump’s Problems


The Case for the Impairment, not Impeachment, of President Trump


Before Trump was even inaugurated, some of my liberal friends were already talking about the need to impeach Trump. I’m as harsh a Trump critic as you’ll find, but I think the calls for his impeachment are, at best, premature. The most convincing allegation I’ve seen is his potential violation of the Emoluments Clause, but even that hasn’t been fully investigated yet.

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White House Intentionally Did Not Mention Jews Killed in Holocaust

If you were hoping that the Trump White House’s failure to acknowledge the deaths of six million Jews in the Holocaust was some kind of an oversight, you’re going to be disappointed. The White House confirmed that this was intentional, but claims they did so in order to avoid favoring Jews over all of the other Holocaust victims.

If they were so worried about that, however, there was another option. They could have mentioned the Jewish victims and all of the other victims.