Bragging about sin

My daughter  saw Trump’s speech at the Republican convention and called him the Antichrist. Now, I don’t believe in the kind of end-times scenario that this idea of the Antichrist involves, and she doesn’t either (I think she saw some Left Behind movies when she was young and got the image that way), but Trump seems anti-Christ in another, more important sense, that he has spent his life bragging about things that Christianity identifies as sin.  He believes in pride, revenge, greed, and stealing other men’s wives, and brags about it. His locker room talk wasn’t just about “getting laid” (I heard plenty of that when I was younger) it was about using position, wealth, fame, and power for sexual advantage.  It’s one thing to, like Bill Clinton,  give in to sexual urges in a position of power, and believe me that was bad enough.  (It was costly to both Al Gore and Hillary in their campaigns). But I am inclined to think he was repentant (though with a politician it is always possible to suspect motives). But boasting about evil is, to my mind, a deeper depravity.


Why I Am Pessismistic About the Long-Term Unity of Our Country

I am pessimistic about the long-term prospects for the unity of the United States. I think there are several “structural” features of our system of government which will continue to make the polarization of our country get worse, not better.

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SCOTUS Lawsuit to Invalidate Election is Dubious

I previously reported on a lawsuit on the docket of the SCOTUS to invalidate the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, on the basis of Russian hacking. I finally had time to get an opinion about this from a friend of mine who is an attorney (albeit one who does not specialize in election law). His response:
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Why Trump is Not a Credible Defender of the unborn, or of traditional marriage

Trump isn’t a credible defender of the unborn, or of traditional marriage. To oppose abortion and gay marriage you have to push back against the sexual revolution. To do that, he has to repudiate the Playboy mentality that runs through all of his comments about women up to now, and he hasn’t even tried to do that. After all, the kind of sexual conduct he described in the Access Hollywood tape is exactly the kind of behavior that causes women to have unwanted pregnancies. The idea that I can have sex with anything that moves so long is it is of the opposite sex, but I can’t marry someone of the same sex is hypocritical and leaves you wide open to the charge of being a bigot. A traditional Christian who opposes gay marriage can say, “No, I’m not prejudiced against gay people, it is just that same-sex sexual conduct is proscribed, but lots of heterosexual sexual conduct is also proscribed, and you may or may not get the chance to enter a marriage.” Trump can’t say that, without fully repenting of the attitudes he has expressed over and over again. No wonder he refuses to reverse Obama’s pro-LGBT executive orders.

Is it unethical to opine on Donald Trump’s mental health?

Donald Trump Official Portrait (Wikimedia Commons)

Over the last couple years there has been extensive discussion concerning the fact that Donald Trump demonstrates characteristic of the clinical diagnoses of psychopathy and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). (See for example this important June 2016 article which appeared in The Atlantic.)

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