P7b: Notice Socially Isolated People and Engage Them

This post is part of a long series of planned blog posts about proposed gun control measures to reduce the risk of mass shootings.

Link to Serious Example of this Proposal:


1) What problem does it solve?

Loneliness is what causes mass shooters to lash out.

2) How well does it solve the problem?

Affirmative Answer: When done, it is excellent! People with solid connections to other people don’t indiscriminately fire guns at strangers.

Negative Answer:  Some experts posit that it’s anger not loneliness that drives mass shootings. The FL shooter had friends and a social network— some of whom were white supremacists. (H/T: Elinora Price)

3) What new problems does it add?

Affirmative Answer: None

Negative Answer: (?)

4) What are the economic and social costs?

Affirmative Answer: (?)

Negative Answer: (?)

5) Given the above, is it worth the costs?

Affirmative Answer: Yes

Negative Answer: No (?)

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