Three things we should expect from Trump

There are three things we should expect from Trump.

1) Insisting on complete financial transparency and accountability, including the release of at least the last 5 years of tax forms.
2) Demanding complete divestment form all Trump business enterprises, to avoid possible conflicts of interest.
3) Full and complete cooperation with the effort to investigate any possible Trump complicity with Russian crimes against the United States such as the hacking of the DNC e-mails, which represent an ongoing threat to our national security.
All three of these things should be insisted upon with the threat of impeachment if he does not cooperate.  It is true that the first of these two things are not supported by law as it now stands, but they should be. If Hillary had been elected, would you want Hillary to turn the Clinton Foundation over to people outside her family, and to relinquish control of it completely? I voted for her, and yes, I would want her to do exactly that. And Republicans, who have always been the first to investigate every hint of possible corruption on the part of the Clintons, should be the first to insist on transparency and openness on the part of the incoming Republican administration. The only reason Republicans might be afraid of this is that they fear that Trump will refuse to cooperate. But if so, and Trump is impeached for it, the Presidency will fall to Pence, not Hillary, and Pence is far more reliably conservative, as I see it, than is Trump.

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