Update from the Plaintiffs Seeking to Invalidate Election

After doing some more searching, I discovered the blog of two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, currently on the docket of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), to invalidate the Presidential election. They just posted an update yesterday.


We have several top level lawyers conversing with us. They have said that although our writ is obviously written (poorly? 🙂 by a layperson and requires some “filling in” (to say the least!!), the argument itself is sound. We are meeting with lawyers all weekend to respectfully improve and to perfect what we have done so that the Supreme Court justices can feel confident ruling on our writ. We want to present as legible and accurate of an argument for them as we can. We are in deep respect for our justices (unlike the opinion of our “so called president” and the GOP congress) and honor the desire to have a competent and accurate argument for them. We want to follow the constitution and the will of the people.

The basis of our argument is that the federal government is tasked in our constitution with the job to keep states safe from foreign invasion. Since our election was invaded by a foreign nation, we do not ask the court to remedy this, as that is a political remedy per historical adjudication and noted to be non-judicable. What we DO ask is that they make a finding of fact that our election was tainted by foreign invasion and is therefore, nullified.



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