Democrats Should Not Fear the Nuclear Option


Here is an excerpt from Politico:

The Neil Gorsuch nomination puts Senate Democrats in a bind. If they try to oppose his appointment by filibuster, Republicans can respond by eliminating the 60-vote threshold required for Supreme Court candidates—and then whacking the 11 Democrats who represent red states (10 of whom are up for reelection next year) for corrosive partisanship. If they don’t filibuster, many in the progressive “Resistance” will accuse them of being patsies, sapping grass-roots energy for the 2018 midterms or even igniting tea party-style primary challenges.

But it’s actually not that complicated. Stopping Gorsuch is a massive long shot. Even so, Democrats have every reason to fight the nomination to the hilt, filibuster be damned. And there’s even a way to do it that could bolster the standing of vulnerable red state Democrats who fear being tarred as far left partisans.


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