Did Trump Play Us? The Timing of His Immigration Ban vs. NSC Reorganization


I’m starting to think that Trump’s temporary immigration ban from the 7 Muslim-majority countries was an insincere, calculated act of political and journalistic misdirection. He got everyone focused on that while he did something else, totally unrelated, totally crazy, and arguably far worse.

He removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the “Principals Committee” of the National Security Council.

Let that sink in.

Both our nation’s top general and our nation’s Director of National Intelligence have been told they can’t sit at the adults table on the National Security Council.

Can someone please explain the logic of that to me?

In the long list of things we might classify as “government stupidity,” I can’t think of anything else which compares. Certainly not in the last 40 years. Am I missing something?


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